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Module Title: Digital Marketing

Module Code:
Credits: 5
Credit Level: 8
Prerequisite Modules: None

Timetabled Hours per Week
Lectures 1

Lab/Studio/Practicals 2
Independent Learning 4
Total 7

This module will provide the learner with the knowledge, skills and competencies to research, analyse and use the marketing tools and techniques that are available for digital marketing. From the web to mobile, email to apps, social media and user-generated content, the course will develop a strategic framework for planning, implementing and evaluating digital marketing strategies.

Module Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:

  1. Discuss the extent to which digital technologies offer benefits and challenges to consumers, businesses, marketers and society.
  2. Evaluate the various digital marketing channels and their appropriateness in different contexts.
  3. Assess the analytics tools used for measuring consumer behaviour.
  4. Develop a digital marketing strategy and implementation plan for an organisation.
  5. Discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding digital media.

Indicative Content:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
    • Introduction to digital marketing
    • Evolution of digital marketing
    • The digital marketing environment
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development
    • Digital marketing strategy
    • Impact of digital media/technology on the marketing mix
    • Relationship marketing using digital platforms
    • Developing a digital marketing plan
  • Digital Marketing Implementation
    • Delivering the online customer experience
    • Campaign planning for digital media
    • Marketing communications using digital media channels
    • Evaluation and improvement of digital channel performance
  • Digital marketing Practice
    • Business-to-consumer digital marketing
    • Business-to-business digital marketing
    • Ethical and legal issues
    • Emerging technologies

Module Assessment:

Coursework 50%
Exam 50%

Learning Outcome Addressed By
Exam Coursework
1 x
2 x x
3 x
4 x
5 x

Coursework may comprise a mix of assessment approaches, such as research papers, case studies, quizzes, group projects, presentations and the development of digital marketing plan.

Indicative Assessment

Element No Weighting Type Description
1 20% Individual Report Research and report on a topical digital marketing issue.
2 30% Group Project Working in groups of three, learners will develop, write and present a digital marketing plan for a company. OR
Google Online Marketing Challenge: Groups of three-run a live Adwords campaign for 3 weeks.
3 50% Exam End of semester final exam.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 
Paperback 26 Nov 2015

by Dave Chaffey  (Author), Fiona Ellis-Chadwick (Author)



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