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Agile Assignment W03 & Answers


Agile Assignment

Heavy vs Light Methods

Heavy Process

  • Predictive making it difficult to respond to change.
  • Elaborate, long-term, detailed planning
  • Disciplined, detailed process
  • Lots of documentation produced in a bureaucratic environment
  • Process oriented

Light(Agile) Process

  • Adaptive – embrace change. n Iterative and incremental.
  • Fast cycle/frequent delivery.
  • Tacit knowledge – project knowledge in the participants’ heads rather than in documents.
  • People oriented.

Predictive vs Adaptive

  • A Predictive process attempts to plan and predict the activities and resource (people) allocations in detail over a long period of time, -the waterfall model.
  • This works well until things change so their nature is to resist change.
  • An adaptive process accepts change as an inevitable driver and encourages flexible adaptation

Agile methods

  • Dissatisfaction with the overheads involved in design methods led to the creation of agile methods. These methods:
    – Focus on the code rather than the design;
    – Are based on an iterative approach to software development;
    – Are intended to deliver working software quickly and evolve this quickly to meet changing requirements.
  • Agile methods are probably best suited to small/medium-sized business systems or PC products.

What is an Agile Process?

  • An agile software process addresses three key assumptions about the majority of software projects:
    – It is difficult to predict in advance which software requirements will persist and which will change. In addition, how will customer priorities change as the project progresses?
    – For many types of software design and construction are interleaved.
    – Analysis, design, construction and testing are not as predictable (from a planning point of view) as we would like.
  • An agile process must be :
  • Adaptable – to changing project and technical conditions.
  • Incremental – to allow adaptation to keep pace with change.
  • Agile Methodologies
    – XP (Extreme Programming)
    – Scrum
    – Feature-Driven Development
    – DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method)

Agile Methods

Practical work week 3.
Assignment week 4 in class.
Complete the following tasks:

From agilealliance.org

From agilemodeling.com

From xprogramming.com

Sample Agile Assignment


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